The Little Ones: Poetry Collection

Pouty Lips

pouty lips
and teary eyes
shrill breaths
small size

how we may
fall, flip, or fly

17 Heart Beats

17 little hearts beat as their consciousness sleeps.

Wake to a different world than the one from which you came.

A little brighter.

A little nicer.

A home of care.

The one you leave behind cared not.

Cruel figures inconsiderate of the ones who watch them.

But 17 pairs of eyes look and learn.

Mimic and yearn.

See who do.

See do what.

One day done.

Pitter Patter

The pitter patter of stumbling feet

It’s the little people I see
Who stand yea-high beside me

Every feeling felt
Makes my insides melt
Spirits softer than felt

But they need direction
That’s without question

Who will guide them
Until they become men

They need
Will you feed?

That Night

she crossed her bunny

slippers and waited for a story tell

me one where there’s a happy ending

she said and

holding her cat Felix she

listened intently she

was still awake at the end of the story and wanted another but

I told her it was bedtime and that

I’d see her in the morning mommy

she said what if you’re

not there in the morning I

will be I

said don’t worry

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