Beholding Glory #5 : Washing Dishes

I turn on the faucet and let the water run over my hands for a moment. Then I grab the first dish I see. It’s a plate with some red sauce clinging to it. I rub my fingers over the sauce energetically until it’s gone. I look for the sponge and find it hiding behind the soap. I grab both, one in each hand, and squeeze the bottle of soap until a few drops bubble out of the upside-down top. I place the bottle of soap where it was sleeping before I disturbed it and rub the soap into the sponge with my thumb. It’s ready. I grab the plate again and suds it up. I put it under the running water and test it with my fingers. Yup. It’s squeaky. I shake it off and place it on the dish rack. And again. And again until the sink is empty and shinny and the dish rack is full and my fingertips are as wrinkled as raisins and I beheld the glory of God.


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