Beholding Glory Entry #3: Conversation

I shook her hand for the first time. She had a kind, but unsure expression on her face. I said it would be my treat, but she countered and offered to pay. When it came time to order, I insisted and succeeded. We sat down at a table for two nudged between the door and a bookshelf. She asked me how I was doing. “Good” I said and began the conversation. I told her about what I had gone through, not initially, but after warming up the conversation. I explained how I got to where I am. She said she had experienced similar setbacks and sought similar solutions. After this, I felt like maybe it was possible. Maybe I could do what she did. Maybe I could have what she had. I asked her all the things that had been running through my mind since our last correspondence. She answered willingly and honestly. As we began our person-to-person relationship, I felt kinship. We became vulnerable to each other. That’s what happens when you meet a person. You can open yourself up or close yourself off. We both chose to open. And we beheld the glory of God in each other.

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